The Matrix: Reloaded

40.0518 -76.515283

It was a short walk from The Matrix to the beginning of The Matrix Reloaded. I never really got a handle on this one. I guess there were several containers. Some of them had coordinates on them. We plugged those coordinates in and headed off for them. The path took us back to the parking lot. It was time for a much needed food break. Ski, KBer, and I talked about heading out to Are You a Wuss? from here. After grabbing a sandwich and a water, we scurried across the road to catch up with the rest of the group. As we caught up with them I had a turkey and Swiss sandwich dangling from my mouth. The GPSr was in a pocket. Apparently there was a padlock on this cache. Back at the first stage there apparently was a combination. We hadn’t found that, but it was not needed as SBUX was there. It was The Dam Trolls‘ 1000th cache. Pretty neat!

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