J + C’s Billionaire Cache

39.990367 -74.84565

The weather turned out to be much better than I expected it to be today. After spending some time at the Tacony Palmyra Bridge, I decided to hit this one before going home. I snaked around on some familiar roads, but apparently not too familiar as I kept jigging and jagging. I finally got to a road I had been on before. Right before I entered the state park, I saw Floopy and what I assume were his parents pulling out. I continued on and parked at the stated parking. It was short work to find the cache. Then the fun began.

The puddle is frozen over. I drove over it just fine to get there. On the way out, however, I got stuck. It was hopeless. I began trekking down the road and was happy to see a big truck heading in. I flagged them down. Two young guys said they would go get a tow strap and meet me there. I walked back down to my car and began clearing a drive around for the next folks through. Then another truck came down. It turned out to be njload. He too got stuck in that puddle. He was able to back out, however. The two young guys returned and it wasn’t long b4 I was out of the mud. I cannot express how happy I was to meet these guys.

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