Raccoon Ditch

39.417433 -75.3954

This geocache is now archived.

Do not attempt this during deer season

You can park near this one . . . if you come by boat. Otherwise you are in store for a walk through various terrains. The view and the sounds at the cache site are spectacular. Enjoy the peacefulness of the area. The shorebirds are plentiful.

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One thought on “Raccoon Ditch”

  1. This is an interesting cache. I really liked the placement. I placed it by land in February when the ground was frozen. The idea was to create a Melvin’s-like experience of traipsing through the marsh.

    The cache was not listed until 1 May when the ground had thawed.

    Interestingly, there were two finders. DB and BNB found this and logged it. There was a long story about paddling barefoot and stepping on glass, etc. They took a photograph with a stuffed raccoon.

    Those logs are gone. I wonder why they deleted them. That was done prior to me departing the game.

    The cache went MIA. It seems like an odd cache to be muggled. It was far removed from normal areas.

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