A Piney Luncheon w/ the South Jersey Irregulars

04-02-21 GCHJ06

39.759967 -74.73235

This event has already passed.

It’s cold! It’s icy! Time for caching!

If you have ever been caching in the Pines, you have most definitely traveled by Pic-a-lilli’s. Well, after a morning of caching, a gathering of the South Jersey Irregulars will be had: hang your (Ong’s) hat, warm your tootsies, fill your belly.

We will be discussing caching in South Jersey and having a good time. Please log a note here by Wednesday, 18 February if you plan on attending for we need to give a count to the restaurant ahead of time. We will gather at 12:30 PM and take it from there. Pic-a-lilli’s does not take reservations as a matter of course. I have spoken with them to let them we will be coming. They do not foresee an issue. Saturday lunch, according to them, is not real busy. Enjoy the morning in the cold and then come by and get warm!


  • You should eat something. It’s not right to take a seat in someone’s establishment and not spend money there.
  • Please bring an item to be placed in a cache. An ammo box will be hidden following the event with the contributions of those who attended.
  • Mark the distance from your home to Pic-a-lilli’s.
  • Bring the name/description of a SJ cache in need of repair
  • Pic-a-lill’s is not handicapped accessible. It, however, has no steps to enter. If you are concerned about the accommodations, please e-mail me and we can make arrangements.

Come on out and meet all the other irregulars!

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