Bombs Away

39.362033 -75.093767

This geocache is now archived.

A pleasant walk back in time . . . with our Allies.

Bombs away.
Well, I guess I’m back in love again.
And around we go.
This will bring me [to a] ruin, but I s’pose it’s pleasin’.
I’ve changed the eyes I gaze in,
But she’s just another girl.
I need more than a trade-in.
Guess I’ll have to change the world.

Swamp Fox, Shaggy & the Gang (aka the Oompa Loompas), KenDawg, and others were out exploring . . . we interrupted a paintball game, but it was more than worth it, and found this interesting place. There may be ghosts of the Red Baron about, but who knows.

We recommend that you park on the pull-over off Buckshutem Road and hike in.


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One thought on “Bombs Away”

  1. The day we hid this was wonderful. ‘Twas out with Renee, Ken, and crew. We explored the bunkers at the bombing range across from the airport. This area is now off limits for “security” reasons.

    I had mentioned to Rob that I would burn him a copy of the Roger Waters show from ’84. I believe he said he was at that show. Anyhow, I drove out there and placed it. Someone else came by and took it b4 he got out there. I think he came a day later than he said. Interestingly, whoever it was that took the discs no longer has a log on the page. I forget who that was.

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