I’m a Girl Watcher, I’m a Girl Watcher.. (1)

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Well, we were at Maple Island. We had originally said we were going to go for Tom‘s new caches. Ski had mentioned the East Stoke Bypass. In the end, that would have been the better choice. I spoke up that we should go for Tom’s stuff. Gert spoke up about that decision. 🙁

Well, we had to find a way around the water from Maple Island. That resulted in dropping down to Rt. 30. This was time-consuming and we were losing light. Ski did a good job getting us to this area. My my, I finally went down this road. If I had only known about it 18 months ago when I was doing all the “Batsto” caches. Sigh . . . so many hours of hiking when I could have taken this nice hard-packed road to Constable Bridge?!?!?!?! Phooey! We missed the road we really wanted and went a little past it and then dropped back down to it.

We piled out trying to do this quickly so we would have time for the second Girl Watcher cache. Ski was a little bit away. Ken and I were right on it. I had the cache in my hand, said “This doesn’t look like it belongs here” and promptly tossed it aside. Ski drifted over a few minutes later and shared with us he had found the cache. Yup, what I had discarded. I really need to look at things a little more closely. Oh well . . . good hide, Tom.

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