I’m a Girl Watcher, I’m a Girl Watcher.. (2)

I'm a Girl Watcher, I'm a Girl Watcher.. (2) Geocache: Flipping the Bird

39.6779 -74.541033

The sun was going down, and despite needing to be home, and despite that Girl 2 was nowhere near Girl 1 as one who hadn’t investigated these caches well thought, we headed over. We dropped back down to 542 to 563 and then up past Iron Pipe and my entry to Find the Solitude. Ski picked the right path, we parked, and piled out of the Jeep. There was not much light and Ken‘s unit said we were 10 miles away. 🙁 Lots of good places to hide a micro. But in the dark this was going to be hard.

We looked for a while. I don’t think we wanted to leave without finding it, but it was dark, and even though Ski produced a couple flashlights, it was not looking good. But after some time, yes, that elusive cache appeared. A good camo job, Tom! Trying to find a glimmer of light in the sky was a useless exercise. Gert was very upset that I didn’t call her until 9:30 . . . from the Wawa that always brings her disappointing news. Her first words to me when I got home were, “I don’t want to hear about geocaching ever again!” I can appreciate her disgust with me. I didn’t get home until 10:15 on a work night b4 our trip north tomorrow. By bedtime, she seemed to be in a better mood. 🙂

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