King of the Hill

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Well, I scooted from work a bit early to meet the gang at Atsion. By the time I rolled in, it was pretty much a downpour! I called on the radio and found that Ski and Ken were heading out to We Sick a Man. I changed and waited for them, thinking Tom and Moose would show. Once done, we prepared for the ride out to this cache.

Wow! What a nice ride out to the cache. We took the long route through the woods. It took us a moment to find the road in after bouncing around the trailer park. Up and down, up and down. I thought I was on an amusement ride in the Jeep. This ride was in a lot of ways far more remote than Nash’s Cabin, but in other ways, not. Hmmm . . .

We contemplated forging the stream. Thinking better of it, we took the loop. Ah, the back way in. Surely we would use that on the way out. One wrong decision that was quickly corrected, and we found more up and downs. What a great place! We found a parking spot 400 feet away and headed in. Ski went for the full bushwhack . . . Ken and I opted to come back to the trail we saw. Soon enough we were all in the same spot. I was now drenched . . . not so much from the rain, but from the water on the plants that we pushed through.

We circled for a couple minutes, then Ski spotted it. I found it right after. It seemed like a large pill bottle. Wonder what kind of drugs came in there.

Didn’t really have a view with all the vegetation there. I truly enjoyed driving out to this cache.

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