Izzy’s Casco Bay Cache

43.66425 -70.240167

Well, after getting the director cache, I headed over here. This was within walking distance of where I was staying. We had driven by the oil rig the day b4. Apparently, this is being assembled here in the harbor. Once completed, it will be towed to Brazil. I have not reconciled how that is more cost effective than building it in Brazil. I suppose it must be, but . . .

It was cool this morning and I had nothing but a short-sleeve shirt. There was no way it seemed to cut the half-mile-plus walk to this one (later in the evening I found a way). It was nice to stroll along the water. Lots of boats and the small guage railroad was enjoyable. I was told there was a Democrat convention of some sorts going on this weekend. It would make sense for I saw a ton of Kerry, Dean, and Kucinich bumper stickers on the vehicles along the way. I suppose with Portland being a big union town, that might explain it too.

Anyhow, I got to the area right away and it didn’t take long to decide where the cache was. I was careful with the camera, PDA, and GPSr as I retrieved this one. I suppose someone might have trouble going belly down to get this one, but I think most will be able to get it just fine.

I have forgotten the fort name for the one in the water right there, but I was told it can be rented for shindigs!

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