River in the Wood

04-05-02 GCJ08Q

40.0185 -74.239617

So, I called up the next cache. River in the Wood, which I kept confusing with Down by the River. This was the beginning of the typical Fro day. I had read the description for DBTR which said you could park within 50′. So, when I got to the woods, I kept going . . . until the puddle. Wow! I knew I wasn’t supposed to be in there. With some maneuvering, I got turned around and pulled out. I parked in the “parking” area, but it seemed to be right next to someone’s home.

It was raining and I just headed in. After a turn, I spotted the cache. I came back around to avoid the stickers. Cache was in good condition. I signed in and got out of there as quickly as I could. I needed to hear Arlo sing Alice’s. 🙂

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