Barefoot In The Park-N-Ride

04-05-23 GCJA0R

41.5354 -73.086383

Well, if I had driven this path alone, I would have logged a lot more caches. But Gert is less than willing to stop for caches and I have to pick my chances. After bypassing a couple in Taxachusetts, this one looked to be a likely spot to stop. We had been on the road a few hours and my pregnant wife needed to stretch . . . and eat ice cream. I suggested we get off at exit 17.

We found the Park & Ride and I declared where it would be hidden. Indeed it was. Yes, a guy was parked right in front of it. Well, if you’re going to hide them in such places, I am not going to worry about being spotted. Even so, I don’t think the guy was any the wiser. I logged the find, took the photos, and returned the cache within a minute. Then it was off for ice cream! 🙂

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