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This geocache is now archived.

This is the cache that created all the hubbub during the summer of 2004. Actually, that is not fair to the cache. The cache was not at fault; rather, a few adults need to take responsibility for what transpired . . . including me.

This cache began it’s life as the final stage of the Christmas 2003 multi. Much to my chagrin, that multi had not gone over as I had anticipated. Despite there being wrapped Christmas presents, only Ken sought the cache. I retired the multi after it became evident no one else was seeking it.

During June 2004, I attempted to list this cache as a singular cache. It had a blank cache description. Lapaglia would not publish the cache. He stated that as a cache reviewer, he could refuse to publish any cache if he felt it was inappropriate. He thought this cache was inappropriate.

I ranted on this here site. I used to have fora. A local cacher offered to take over the cache and publish it. He did. I asked Groundspeak why the same cache posted by someone else was published but mine was deemed inappropriate.

That triggered all sorts of issues. Groundspeak forward my query to Mopar/NJ Admin, as he was the one who published the other version of Sleuth. Mopar then broke Groundspeak rules and wrote the other cacher that I had complained about his cache. That wasn’t the case, of course, but that wasn’t a concern.

The other player was a relatively new player. He took offense that I had apparently complained. He posted a screed that took me to task. I replied privately. That was probably my biggest mistake in all this. He was so wrong with what he had written, but rather than take him down publicly, I did so privately. That gave the “community”, as it were, one side and it made me look bad since all that was out there was his ill-informed opinion. And this all went down on the day my daughter was born.

I closed up shop here with a week’s notice. During that time, others formed a group that they then banned me from. Typical . . .

Anyhow, the second version of Sleuth was unpublished. Rob stepped up and listed the cache as ” ooops, Parvin Me ! “. It went missing at some point. Four listings for one cache. I wonder how often that happens.

Also blogged on this date . . .

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