Hawkin’s Bridge of the Pine Barrens

39.714283 -74.565833

There was a huge time gap between I Don’t Like Spiders and Snakes and this cache. Ken and I had planned on doing Seymour Stars and another night cache. However, as we got to Washington, we noticed glow-in-the-dark markers. Lots of them. We decided to follow them. We were certain (and correct) that this was Tom‘s new private label night cache. The following night everyone was gathering to do this.

Off we went. We got to 563 and headed north. I think we needed to go in where Girl Watcher was, but we lost the trail. We ended up in . . . Lebanon! It is always such an adventure going out with Ken. Good stories and fun times. We picked up his Penny Lane cache and then decided to do two other night caches. Then we realized we were in for a couple miles of hiking. Neither of us wanted to do that, so we headed over to the toilet cache. Two grown men scoured that toilet in the middle of the night to come up empty. Another crappy Tom cache gone MIA.

After that, we decided to try Seymore Stars. On the way, we kept finding other markers for that “secret” cache. At one point, we got out of the truck, walked into the woods only to circle back. Confused as all hell, Ken helped me to understand. He said that unless I was at the table as drunk as Steve and Tom when they plan these things, of course, it isn’t going to make sense. Sigh . . .

We continued on to the last stage of the secret cache. We couldn’t find it. It was late, I had only found two crappy caches and I was ready to go. Ken wanted to make certain I got this one, so we left via Hawkins Bridge. An easy find. Why? It seems like just something else to rack up a number. Whatever . . .

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