#4 Reading the Fine Print

39.84515 -75.1905

This was an interesting cache, but emblematic of the current state of caching.

Gert and I had attended Marie’s wedding in Woodstown. There was a pretty big gap between the wedding and the reception. I had let her know I wanted to do this one. I had wanted to go the evening it was posted until I realized quite how far away it was.

Anyhow, it was pissing down rain when the wedding was over. Pissing down. I was convinced this was a real estate agency. When we got there, it looked like it was going to be the police station. Then we realized it was the library next door. Out front is a mailbox to collect eyeglasses for the needy. We had to wait some time b4 I darted. Gert pumped and was startled when a car came real close. It was looking like we were going to bag this one for it now was time to get moving to the reception. I decided to dart out. There were gigantic puddles, but just a little rain. I signed the logbook (what turned out to be the last Fro-signed cache) and darted back to the truck.

A micro at the entry of a public building next door to a police station. Yeah, caching has been splendid recently.

Thus begins my hiatus . . .

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