What Factor(s) of Caching Most Appeals to You?

This question was asked in the GC.com fora sometime during the summer 2004.

There are three ways to respond to this question. One is to address how/why I got into caching. That answer can be read here. Another response is to delve into what is appealing to me about the game. I’ll get into that in the end. The third way to respond is the way that people have been responding; namely, what has geocaching provided to me? This is a demonstrably different question as we shall see.

I am a collector. As a boy, I had a massive bubble gum card collection. I added bottle caps and cans to that as well. Later, I re-visited those cards, but really got into collecting Grateful Dead shows (along with a lot of other bands) on cassette. I dropped them and was fairly free for a couple years from my obsession. Because of a life change, I buckled down and concentrated on some other things for a bit. To be truthful, I was collecting children’s books, but it seemed somewhat different, particularly since it did not involve anyone other than me. But, after a couple years, it was back to music, this time with CDs. It was fierce. Although I had plenty of Dead shows, I really concentrated on Neil Young. I am happy I did for it provided a limit to how bad it could get. I began calculating how long it would take me to listen to every CD I had . . . it was years . . . that is pathetic. And with Neil not adjusting set lists much, having an entire tour quickly drew to be a bore.

I met my wife, started making big plans, and purchased a home. As I moved from my apartment to the house, I seemed to go through a cleansing. I had already off-loaded my collections, but I went even further, seemingly freeing myself from the crap I had accumulated over the years.

Before the house purchase, I had found geocaching. During the cleaning out of my life, geocaching was a prominent activity. As I look back at this time, it very much seems that caching has filled the collector mentality in my life; yet, it is collecting without accumulating. That is very much a good thing!

Does collecting equate to it being all about the numbers? No. Let’s not try to find connections that do not exist, shall we? The numbers weren’t what got me to clear the Pines. It wasn’t the numbers that had me seek each of Tom’s or to clear South Jersey. Clearing areas fits with the collecting. Comparing my numbers to yours does not.

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