A Growth Spurt?

04-10-01 A Growth Spurt?

Beetle slept through the night from about 1 August to 18 September. On the 19th she was fussy and awake most of the night. Again on the 20th. The last two nights she has been awake at 3:00ish. It appears she is waking up because she is hungry. We have adjusted the amount of food she is provided before bedtime, but that has not done the trick yet. Maybe more is needed. Maybe we need to keep her awake a little longer so the food last throughout the night. We’ll be tinkering. Gert needs her rest.

Despite the above, Beetle made it back to sleep after a while. I had the pleasure of retrieving her when she let us know she was awake. I love this part of the day. Beetle is all smiles while she lays in her crib. She seems to brim with excitement for the day. Such innocence! While changing and feeding are quickly priorities, Beetle indulges me each morning as I play with her in the crib and then hold her a bit.

Gert has the daycare down. She knows all the children and can call them by name. I know Beetle. She is the cutest one there. I think she too can recognize her classmates. She follows their movements and everyone seems comfortable with each other.

Gert and I have noticed something about Beetle: she prefers to poop on me. Yes, it is true. Perhaps when I cradle her it feels like a diaper. Maybe I just exude poop on me. Whatever the reason, she takes great pleasure in grunting it out on my lap. Well, at least I am useful.

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