Winning for Beetle

04-09-30 Winning for Beetle

Our family is dragging. It’s late in the work week, Hurricane Ivan is now just a storm, but it has been plaguing our area the last couple days, and we all have Snuffy visiting and we don’t like him.

Gert took off today to watch Beetle. We had worked this out some time ago to spare Mom from watching her today after a long day yesterday. It wasn’t much of a day off for Gert.

Beetle was awake at 3:00 AM. So was Gert. Then, because my truck was in the shop for a brake job, Beetle and Gert dropped me off at work . . . early for I had a faculty meeting. This wonderful meeting I attended was about one subject only: transgenderism. Yup, you read that correctly. It seems we have an eight-year old boy-girl who has made this decision. So, this hour meeting of about 60 staff members was all for one child. Yippy!

Anyhow, Gert and Beetle had to pick me up from work and then later drive me all the way to the auto place to pick up my truck. And for all this, Gert got not a drop of sleep and only had a frozen pizza for dinner (yes, I cooked it first).

We had lots of company tonight. It was card night, so my poker buddies came. Carol and Allison visited as well. Carol was able to see “Uncle Carl” since he plays in my card game. The house was hopping for a bit and then all went silent.

Beetle went to sleep, Gert read a bit and then fell asleep. Me? I won. You have to love a few of the aggressive betting hands that won me pots throughout the evening. Now, that the day is over, my little girl is sleeping, my wife too, and I am typing away as I watch a taped version of the first presidential debate (Bush has some long pauses and has not sounded too intelligent on a few issues. By the way, there seem to be far more reaction shots of Bush than Kerry. Has anyone else noticed that?).

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