A Step Up in the World

04-11-22 Beetle

On Sunday, Beetle, Gert, and I went to church. Instead of our regular church, we went back to the church we were married in. We thought everyone would like to see Beetle.

We arrived and yes, everyone made a fuss over our little girl. It was nice seeing everyone again. Father wears hearing aids. Gert and I were conscious that in the small, really quiet church, Beetle’s squawking was noticeable. We took turns accompanying Beetle in the hall and nursery. It turns out Father had been in the hospital recently. He looked visibly shaken. Gert and I agreed that the church should permit this man to get back to his retirement and find someone else to take over.

The rest of the day was rather standard. I ended up reading several stories to Beetle. I check out books from my school’s library frequently. I had several that needed to get back and Beetle and I read them. She likes to read. Beetle knows how to turn pages. I see her as being a reader.

Beetle returned to school today. She was early enough to get one of the better swings. Instead, however, Gert put her in the exersaucer. We have been looking at these things, but I had never seen Beetle in one. My little girl did really well.

She stood in the apparatus just fine. She went to town on the spinning thing near her. As we chatted with Miss Donna, Beetle began turning around. All on her own! Oh yes, I can see I a call to Santa is going to be needed.

After work, Beetle was ready to try her new thing: a high chair. Gert put together the chair that we had been waiting for Beetle to grow into. It has a big tray, some toys overhead, a basket, and wheels. She looked so cute in it. Gert kept showing Beetle the sections on the tray for different foods. Beetle seemed unimpressed. Then the rattle was produced. That made all the difference. Beetle had a great time banging the rattle onto the high chair, oblivious to the fact that her father cringed with each strike. What we endure in the love of out children.

Beetle had already eaten her prunes (we moved onto prunes we delight on Saturday: there have been numerous poops since) so Beetle just banged away instead of eating from up on high.

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2 thoughts on “A Step Up in the World”

  1. Beetle had already eaten her prunes (we moved onto prunes we delight on Saturday: there have been numerous poops since)

    Ah, the fruits worked!

    I have always liked fruits better than veggies! In high school I used to buy baby food and eat it for a snack…I really liked the apricots. Since then the baby food producers have taken the salt out so they don’t appeal to grown-ups quite as much. I do have a recipe that uses baby food – but it has other ingredients which add the salt and thus make it a desirable recipe.

    Since you’ll be accumulating lots of those little jars you’ll need to find creative ways to use them. I made snow globes with the Girl Scouts using them. And Parker covered some with colored tissue paper and put a tea light in them as a gift one year.

  2. I knew it! I mentioned to my Gert that you used to eat baby food.

    The most creative thing I can think of for the baby food jars is the recycling container. That way I do not need to house them.

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