Black and White Micro 2008

39.525733 -75.515283

Christmas Eve . . . I took a quick drive up here. I had a couple hours for me today and I kept debating what I should do. I definitely wanted this one as it was the furthest for me this way. Whether to follow it up with Another Brick in the Wall or The Teach Has Papers to Grade was the decision.

I drove out to the very familiar area of the PSE&G land. Let’s see . . . Power Up and Walk Those Planks are here. Both good caches. Then an out-of-stater squeezed in OOPS I’m Lost. Now another out-of-stater puts this one here on his way back from Walk Those Planks. Yeah, just what we need: an easy one on the way out to that one. I just do not understand the mentality.

Anyhow, went out toward the observation deck on this cold Friday. Found the cache readily. Nothing special. I scurried back to the car to get warm. The cold breeze on the walk out without any cover had been brutal.

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