The Teach Has Papers To Grade

39.542333 -75.1295

On Christmas Eve I had toyed with coming out here for this one on my way back from Black & White. Instead, I opted to look again for the Another Brick in the Wall cache, which I am certain is MIA. Anyhow, I had found coordinates to the new Owens Park cache and decided to take a run out there to skunk all the FTF hounds. From there I was going to do a few others in the area. But the Owens Park cache was not at the coordinates I had found. Rather than keep going further from home, I decided to seek this one on my way back to Millville.

I circled around and found the huge park. It appears to be a nice park, but not my kind of place for caching. Nevertheless, there was no one around and I hit the little trails right off. I seemed to miss the optimal one and bushwhacked a few feet to right the wrong. I found the cache easily. Just like the one at Turkey Point.

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