Kearney & Gurney

05-02-13 LC2L

38.931617 -74.918867

This locationless geocache is now archived.

Living at the beach permits one much more walking opportunities than other places I have lived. Cape May is such a place and for many years as I walked to most places I passed this very street sign: Kearney & Gurney. The third house from the left is the owner of my favorite door (okay, I know that is pretty weird, but ’tis true).

Your task is to find another intersection of streets that rhyme. Sounds simple enough, but is it? Your find needs to be accompanied by a shot of your GPS and the street signs.

  • Should there not be a street sign at the intersection to take a photograph of, please use a different intersection.
  • Only one find per cacher
  • Only log each intersection/street sign once, please
  • Simple rhymes will work best; Main Street does not rhyme with Black Crane Road or West Train Lane.
  • The intersection of First Street and First Avenue also do not rhyme. Let’s not push the envelope
  • Include a photograph showing the street sign with your GPS

Multi-syllable words should rhyme on the majority of the syllables. Harrison and Jefferson, while rhyming on the final syllable, do not rhyme on the majority of the syllables, therefore, would not fit the spirit of this hunt.

Enjoy your hunt!

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