Happy School Board Voting Day

05-04-19 Happy School Board Voting Day

Beetle is such a good citizen! She woke up in as good of a mood as her father. Today is voting day and Beetle was ready to go. She donned her pretty purple searsucker outfit and we headed to Grammy’s in anticipation of 80°.

When Daddy pulled into the driveway after work, Mommy and Beetle were just deboarding their vehicle. Daddy invited them into the gas-guzzler for the jaunt to the nearby school. We arrived and looked for the waving American flag. The voting volunteer indicated that voting was light. Normally, we hover at around 10% participation for school elections. Last year it was 7.5%. Beetle is now two-for-two in voting opportunities. She was a hit with the old folks running the polling place.

We hope Beetle catches the excitement of voting that Daddy has each election. This year we have four elections (school, municipal, gubernatorial primary, and general). Daddy explained the question (school budget) and the candidates for the school board. Beetle helped pull the levers. Daddy was so proud. 🙂

Beetle had dinner (chicken and apples) and played. After her bath, Beetle played with her Elmo Teach-and-Learn table that Aunt Kim and Uncle Mike had given her. She stood as she played with this. She really liked the Cookie Monster who she kept opening his mouth. Beetle knows that Cookie Monster likes cookies despite what the politically correct folks think.

All that standing tired the poor girl out. There was no story tonight as Beetle wanted her bottle. She was asleep before Mommy got her to the crib. Nighty night, little girl.

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5 thoughts on “Happy School Board Voting Day”

  1. Adorable Beetle pictures! Her smile sure brightens my day. One thing is for certain…this child does not need clothes…she gets a couple of outfits in a day and rarely do we see repeats!!

    Is that a cell phone attached to Daddy’s belt?

    Maybe red, white, and blue is in order for voting day…and the awesome *Wee-publican* bib.

  2. You noticed. Those are actually photographs from two different days. I am out of sync capturing from the video camera. There will be photographs of Abby playing with her Elmo table that are from yesterday. When I try to get them done early, we inevitably take more pictures.

    No cellphone. That is a pedometer.

    We were going to do the “Wee”-publican bib, but decided not to this time around.

  3. That’s pretty good. I have a hard time voting on local stuff here so far because I don’t know many of the issues or the candidates. I did vote in the last election…leaving most spaces blank. I don’t think it’s right to just fill in votes without knowing who I’m selecting. I used to vote for women if I didn’t have an opinion, but I don’t do that any more. I like women to be in power if the deserve it on the merrits…not just because they are women. I’ve evolved on that issue over the years.

    At the last election, I went for one issue. I voted for the constitutional ammendment to the KS constitution to keep marriage defined as between one man and one woman. I was proud and excited to vote this way. It passed overwhelmingly.

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