Maybe There Is Hope

Of course there is hope. But it is easy to forget that when discussing public education. There is so much wrong with the system and so much attention on it that change is slow to come out of fear, bureaucracy, and politics.

A local public school student, however, has re-newed my faith that it is not all bad. Mrs. Fields had a national campaign with which the boy found fault. The advertisement was:

Buy 3, get 1 free — 25 percent more ecstasy.

The boy objected. Of course, an extra cookie is not 25% more, but 33.3% more.

Yes, his mother is a mathematics teacher. Nevertheless, he contacted the Mrs. Fields cookie company about its error. The mother got involved and was told it all depends on how you look at it. How sad. There is absolutely no defense for this error.

Eventually, Mrs. Fields pulled the advertisement. That I had to explain the mathematical error to several adults after telling them the the wording of the advertisement is problematic. Kudos to Michael Clegg!

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