Our Next Governor

Unfortunately, Jon Corzine is likely to be New Jersey’s next governor. I withdrew my name from all the mailing lists a couple weeks ago after Mr. Stoller proved to be inefficient in his job. While every campaign certainly has dead weight, it just so happens that my experiences with the Corzine Campaign have been fraught with inadequacy.

Tonight I popped in to see if there was anything interesting going on. I suppose it is interesting, but it is frightening.

The campaign has been promoting Studio 53, a fund-raiser based around a disco theme. On the Corzine Connection site, I noticed there were fora posts under the the header, Supporter Diaries. I think Studio 53 is just plain silly caught my eye, so I clicked on it. Here is a thread about the fundraiser. One can read how disco sucks. One can read Stills’ lyrics to For What It’s Worth. One is treated to these fine words by Corzine employee Matt Stoller,

You know it. It’s all about the dance scene in the new Starsky and Hutch. Oh yeah. Bring it.

Is this what New Jersey can expect from a Corzine Administration? Shouldn’t campaigns be professional? Shouldn’t the best foot forward always be the goal? How does promoting disco sucks, publishing lyrics for a song that is 38 years old, and using Oh yeah, Bring it. put forward a professional candidate?

I understand rallying the core party supporters, but is one supposed to put such a public face to it? None of this instills confidence that Mr. Corzine will run a tight ship should he be elected.

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