Is This Photograh Really You?

Tim Hauser & Me

Indeed, this is me. The photograph was taken 2 April 2000 by my wife. We were backstage at the Keswick Theatre in Glenside, PA partying with the Manhattan Transfer. Beside me is Tim Hauser.

I have used this (cropped) image as an avatar pretty much since then. I do wear glasses now, so perhaps I will come up with another photograph some day.

When I haven’t used the above, usually this image is used. One of the first things my fourth-grade students used to do on a computer each year was to goo themselves. Using Kai’s Super Goo, students would take a digital photograph of themselves and distort the image. It was always loads of fun, despite a marvelous introduction to technology in our classroom. This was the one image of me that I liked from all the times I did this.

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