This week has seen the launch of Cacheopedia. Cacheopedia is an adventurous site designed as a wiki to describe caching.

A wiki is something which is not new to caching. Scout has a wiki, which I guess will be relegated as a second-class citizen. 🙁 I began a wiki a few weeks ago, but have now changed courses with it since there is now a larger effort afoot.

Wikis are interesting phenomenon. A public document which can be edited by anyone is truly democracy at work. The fact that it is working is a testament to the design.

Cacheopedia is something I have begun working with. I am a little wary of the project as I can already see some heavy attitudes present. But if that can be nipped in the bud, this has the makings for a wonderful project.

Of course, Groundspeak is already working on trumping this.

I want to make sure that you understand that we may create a Wiki. We have discussed this internally for a while and we already have a Wiki on our “intranet” (if you want to call it that).

And obviously, it is keeping an eye on the current project.

I peeked at the wiki

I do, however, agree with Dave’s sentiment in that material should not just be ripped from other sources to populate this project. Nevertheless, the shot across the bow is certainly noted. The thing is, it doesn’t much matter. A caching wiki is really only valuable if it is independent of a commercial entity. Also, Cacheopedia is likely to grow quickly. If launches a wiki, it will need to be launched soon or there will have been too much time and effort expended at Cacheopedia to switch.

Groundspeak is using its muscle much like Microsoft does—wielding its influence in every niche of the game.

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