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Someone brought up the issue that Central Park has problems with the caches which are placed there. This is no surprise to me. splicingdan cuts to the chase on the issue. He discounts the park factor and places the onus directly on the cache owners.

The problem isn’t with the park itself, to be exact, Julz. It’s with the junk that people have placed there. Numerous vacation caches, missing owners, and crappy containers. And then there’s the people who are determined to replace missing caches (even though they’ve been abandoned) instead of letting them get archived.

Dan and I share many caching values. This was the gist of the Characteristics of a Good Hide piece. Maintenance! And it does not end when one places a cache. But far too frequently maintenance is an after-thought. And while the structure of the given listing site should obligate it to be proactive with this, ultimately the responsibility falls to the cache hiders. Does one truly think placing a physical cache in Central Park is going to positively impress the seeker? And if so, does he truly think it will continue to do so once the hider is back home hundreds/thousands of miles from NYC? Will it continue to positively impress the seeker once it is compromised? Once it is damaged? There is just so much which is wrong with many of the caches placed in Central Park.

And then we get this:

I agree, it’s time to refresh CP.

Those pearls of wisdom came from JMBella. Joe wants to re-populate Central Park with caches. Grand. Joe placed the Moving Violation traveling cache on 28 March 2005 (the twentieth anniversary of the Roger Waters Radio City show). Joe had not logged onto TC.com since 23 April 2005 when I wrote him on 17 May 2005.

Looking at a cache run that would involve this cache . . . Is it at the stated coords on the page? I am a little confused from reading the logs. Is this at all involved in the capture the flag thing you are doing over at GC.com? What if I move this cache to South Jersey or elsewhere? Is that permitted or do you want this to remain in the general area it is? Just trying to understand the spirit. Thanks!

That message has yet to be replied to. Asking around, I found out the cache had moved to a different location . . . by Joe. There is a listed cache which is unmaintained. The cache owner is delinquent in replying to requests. The owner has coordinates posted for his cache which he knows are false. Lovely. It is grand to know such responsibility exists in the community. I was not surprised at all to find out that GEO*TRAILBLAZER ! withdrew sponsorship. At least that archived the cache.

And now Joe wants to place caches in Central Park. I have no confidence such a cache will be maintained. Do you?

Also blogged on this date . . .

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  1. It will be interesting to see if NY Admin will take some action here.

    I’ve known about the problems for quite some time now but I don’t like playing ‘cache police’. Since Julz is new to caching maybe her ignorance will produce a favorable outcome.

  2. There is no incentive for GC.com to step in and make changes. I used to keep a detailed list of caches in need of help. It was a lesson in frustration. One cache had been ejaculated into. Yes, you read that correctly. It took months before anything happened from GC.com’s end. It was not for lack of knowing about it either.

  3. Just for the record, it has now been 10 days since a problem was reported on his terracache and still no indication from the owner he is aware of it.

    My expectations of terracaching require a more active role from the cache owner.

  4. Just checking out TC.com and Joe has another traveling cache. This one was reported muggled five days ago and there has been no indication the cache owner is aware of it or is doing anything about it.

    He has been online each day as evidenced by his posts on GC.com. It just appears that he has a different toolset to maintain his caches than I do. As someone who keeps looking at a run up north to cache, this factors in on how I perceive the area. How am I supposed to rate these caches?

  5. Joe’s new cache seems to have fallen victim to a cache pirate that has been taunting LI cachers for a few months now. This person doesn’t exactly steal the cache, but instead targets ammo cans and leaves the other contents behind.

    I know that Joe is aware of the problem because he’s posted comments about it in the LI Geocaching Club’s forum

  6. That’s splendid. As a seeker of that cache, I haven’t a clue. Joe has not logged on since 16 June. JMonkey’s log indicates problems. The last cache of Joe’s that had problems I PMed him about on 17 May. He never responded.

    As far as I can tell, Joe paid his membership, but has no interest in maintaining his listed caches. Where is the high quality in this?

    I will certainly be wary of any cache of his that shows up on my list.

  7. In all fairness, Joe’s a good guy that has good intentions.
    I believe that his problems come from his obsession with the numbers (finds and hides).
    He spreads himself too thin and it shows in such situations.

    I think that “Moving Violation” is an excellent concept. It has the potential to produce lots of laughs and exploit some of the off-beat personalities of the caching community. Unfortunately it’s not doing too well.

  8. I can only judge/rate based on what I see. I was all set for a run a month and a half ago that stalled because of his first cache. He never corrected it and found himself without sponsorship.

    His second go round is heading to the same fate.

    He may be a great guy/cacher, but he has been irresponsible with his terracaches.

  9. It’s been two weeks since the cache was reported muggled. Still no word from Joe.

    This cache sits unmaintained racking up points and affecting every other cache within 100 miles.

    I am growing disillusioned with the grand experiement.

  10. I took a look over at LIGO.

    As excited as I am about TC, I’ll probably not get too involved yet. As I creep ever so slowly to 800, my thoughts are already being consumed by those 4 digits.

    There are two reasons I think people hide with good intentions hide bad caches. One is that they get very excited about the game and want to run out and hide something RIGHT NOW. The second is that they are willing to try new things but maybe it doesn’t work out the way they expected. I’ve hidden caches that I thought were a good idea at the time, then I would visit the site a couple of months later and said, What the F*** was I thinking?

    It looks as though Joe had himself covered early. He’s been involved for three or four months. He has hidden the same cache twice and has not performed the maintenance required to have it be successful.

    Here is a leader in the caching community. It is this kind of example that TC.com is riddled with in our area.

  11. It’s been 10 days since Dan posted a note to the cache page asking the cache owner to do something. The cache owner has not responded to the TC.com community whatsoever about this.

    The cache is accruing TPS. The cache owner accrues UCR.

    The community is not working. The tools are not catching this situation.

    The value of the points system is severely flawed.

  12. More than a month since a problem was reported on the cache page. More than two weeks since Dan asked what was going on with this cache. The LIGO site is out of order.

    Not much more to say . . .

  13. In total, 54 days this cache was out of commission. For a cache which should have been archived on 16 June it is now worth 23 points. It gained four points this week. Lovely since it wasn’t available.

    Only because Dan and I rated this SBA is Joe not earning UCR points, which he had for some time until the MCE dipped.

    Yes, this is indeed the high quality caching which the site promotes!

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