TVNewser reports that Tom Cruise’s handlers pressured Today executives to air only those portions of the interview with Matt Lauer that dealt with War of the Worlds. Some deal was struck and we saw what we saw.
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Yesterday I heard Sean Hannity state the same kind of thing, but not about Cruise. Hannity was pressured not to have Ed Klein, author of The Truth About Hillary, on his show, Hannity & Colmes. It was reported that NBC and other outlets were told that the neither Mrs. Clinton nor former President Clinton would appear on their shows if Mr. Klein appeared. For the record, Hannity does not put a lot of credence in what Klein wrote. The idea is that he is news . . . whether one agrees with his position or not.

Buckling under to this pressure pretty much tells the world that these shows are not be viewed as unbiased journalism. Today did not broadcast 20 minutes of the Cruise interview. Given that it is reported that a deal was struck on what would be aired, how is the audience to know why what was edited was? Are we to accept it because we trust NBC and think Matt Lauer is nice?

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2 thoughts on “Journalism?”

  1. Rush just made a comment about Klein’s cancellations because of the Clintons. Apparently, The Truth About Hillary is set to be a top five book on the New York Times bestseller list.

    We all know that book sales are crooked. It is possible the numbers for this book are fake, but someone is probably reading it. It can’t all be DeLay’s representatives buying it. 🙂

  2. Interesting . . . as I just surfed the dial, I saw Cruise is on The View today sitting next to Tim Robbins. Oh, that will help boost your credibility, Tom!

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