We Are What We Eat

I have been listening to Glenn Beck this morning. He has been going off on the negative influence of video games on children. I haven’t quite figured out if he is calling for government intervention. I hope not as this is not an issue for government.

In discussing all this, he related an example from a friend of his who homeschools his children. The friend in explaining why he does so said that it is a matter of We are what we eat. If one pumps in violent video games, he will have consequences. How can he not?

While I am hesitant to jump too far down this path for I have seen plenty of folks make this argument and then dangle themselves from the cliff of reality, I do think he has a point. My daughter is one today. She has an appreciation for books already that fascinates me. We read to her each day. She turns the pages now. She enjoys holding books. She witnesses her mother and her father reading newspapers (although we just cancelled our last of three newspapers in favor of ‘Net news), books, magazines, cookbooks, etc. Reading is a staple in our household.

Good literature put in will materialize in an educated child. I suspect in some households the books are missing and video games are substituted. Where is the love of words in those homes? Where is the printed form? Imagination is replaced by pre-canned images. Total immersion in such a world will have effects that are not what we are looking to provide Beetle.

We are what we eat. Why would the diet be steady junk? As a snack once in a while, video games can be as satisfying as a cookie. But much as we do not eat cookies at every meal and remain healthy, one cannot play video games constantly and remain healthy.

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