Close To The Edge

39.331717 -74.864067

This is a cache that kind of got caught up with all my histrionics. It popped up right as I was bowing out.

EOTW placed this down the road I had been eyeing for a couple years now. No hard feelings as I dragged my feet on doing it.

I parked at the “trailhead” and headed in. The cache was at the end. As I recall, it was an overgrown trail and I worked up a sweat. I liked this cache, but couldn’t keep two thoughts out of my head:

1. Nailing into a tree to hold the cache is not welcomed. As I have said for a while, let’s not give folks a reason to criticize.

2. Wouldn’t the cache had been even more of a challenge 20 feet further across that creek?

Anyhow, I enjoyed the cache.

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