Hanging Shoes

05-08-01 LCB9

39.402767  -75.04195

These white unknown brand with red markings are hanging from the power lines stretching across Dock Street between Powell and Depot. They appear to be size 8 or so. I noticed these coming out of the church parking lot nearby.

As for how they got here and why, it is a mystery. I have been told that in this area drug dealers hang a pair of shoes like this to indicate where to purchase. I have not confirmed that but have heard that rumor from a few sources. This area would fit that description. My wife and I tested the theory a couple months ago as we drive through an area in a neighboring town. Sure enough, we saw several hanging pairs of shoes all in areas where drugs are thought to be sold. We saw none in the rest of the town.

The building in the background is a public elementary school. Across the street is a Catholic elementary school. I hope my theory is wrong about the meaning of the shoes.

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