Taxpayers Are Not the Answer to Higher Fuel Costs

Carnival of the NJ Bloggers
Carnival of the NJ Bloggers

Most of us, dear reader, work for an employer. Whether we have a physical contract or a verbal one, we generally know our salary for the year. Based on that salary, we plan for our expenses, savings, recreation, etc. This is known as budgeting. One can budget without having majored in it, taken accounting classes, etc. Having done so should only increase one’s ability in the process.

When we make a mistake, we have to find a way to make ends meet. Our entertainment budget may be the first thing gutted to pay the mortgage if we come up short. In a more severe scenario, families may have to incur late charges as they get behind in their bills until they come to a break-even point.

We are all currently feeling the pinch at the pump. We will be hurting even more this winter as heating costs skyrocket. While some may claim the increase in gasoline prices was unforeseen, it is still incumbent for each of us to balance our budgets. A big day caching I had planned for Monday is being scrapped in favor of a more relaxing day at home which will not cost me $120 to fill my tank twice on the trip I had planned. For our household, the recreation budget was slashed this month to offset the fuel costs we incurred.

It seems to me that all households, businesses, and governments will act similarly. If one thing has been clear from reading eCache it should be the expectation of efficiency. That is what makes this so frustrating.

Yes, municipalities (school districts too) will incur higher fuel prices this year, if they have not already. No, there may not be an entertainment area to cut in their budgets, but there is pork. It is quite likely the higher bills have not been paid yet and in New Jersey there is already a plea to bypass the law to cap spending at 2.5% more than last year’s budget.

State lawmakers aren’t expected back in session until November, but a few began floating ideas for dealing with the rising fuel costs Wednesday.

This is not the time to spend oneself out of a hole. Rather, it is time to reign in spending, become more efficient, and tighten the spending belt. Taxpayers are not the resolution to this problem. Dear reader, your government is preparing to reach into your pocket once again. Be prepared!

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