LIJ 2: The Fish Factory

05-09-24 TCRS

39.519283 -74.336167

Four months is long enough to go unfound. Dan and I had planned on doing this one during the summer, but schedules prevented that from happening. We finally got together this morning.

A promised beautiful day was a overcast and a bit windy. It was nice, but the wind added to the current. Dan and I met up and began paddling over. There was an interesting houseboat along the way and a couple fishing boats. We docked ourselves and soon found the cache. The ammo box is in good shape.

After logging we took to exploring. This island is wonderful. Lots to see. We took our time and looked in and about the various structures. We looked for a way up to the catwalks, but it appears the tin roof is missing. 🙂

The wind howls through the factory. It is an eery sound.

After looking everything over, it was time to paddle back. The current was rougher and we worked harder getting back.

This was a fun experience and it was nice to be able to do it with such a nice cacher. This is a terracache worth visiting. Thanks!

P.S. As I looked through my photographs, I realized I left Dan in jail! I hope he made it out.

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