What Is Your Trail Name?

When I am hiking, caching, surfing the web, etc., I used to use the name Frolickin. That name was retired, for the most part, in August 2004.

Since then, I have pretty much used the name Batona. Batona is the name of a 50-mile trail that snakes through the Pine Barrens in New Jersey. I spend a lot of time on this trail. The name came from the Hiking Club of Philadelphia who maintains this trail. Batona stands for Back to Nature.

In August 2010 I registered RDOwens on Geocaching.com; I have logged some geocaches since with that trail name. In May 2011, I registered RDOwens with TerraCaching.com. My account with Navicache.com has been changed to RDOwens as well. This meshes with unifying all my online accounts.

More thoughts on my trail name.

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