Christmas Eve

05-12-24 Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve! We had a busy day preparing for our party and also for Santa.

Mommy and Beetle took off for the mall early and were home early. They beat the crowds. Daddy went out after they came home and was not as fortunate. To top it off, he failed to purchase a head cleaner for the camcorder, so it is unlikely video will be had until Monday.

Mommy worked hard preparing the house for the party. Unfortunately, Aunt Kim and Uncle Mike did not come up from Maryland. With many in Kim’s family ill, they did not want to risk becoming ill before heading to Jamaica on Monday. Beetle missed them.

Aunt Kitty arrived first. She gave Beetle a book, Jingle Kitty. It looks like a fun read with lots of photographs of kittens. Soon everyone else arrived.

There was a lot of food: little sandwiches, shrimp, deviled eggs, chips & dip, and punch. It was all yummy. Later a Boston Cream cake and cookies appeared.

Beetle danced for her audience. She and Sean played. There were a few moments of jealousy, but that quickly passed. With so many aunts and uncles, Beetle does not lack for attention. Beetle was clad in her Santa suit. At some point, she acquired Sean’s Santa hat. Later, the two exchanged beverages. So much for hygeine.

We exchanged our Pollyanna gifts. It is obscene how many gifts the children received. The tally of what was given will have to wait until tomorrow, but suffice it to say, the big pink car is surely to be a hit.

Beetle enjoyed eating all the junk food tonight. She was up long past her bedtime. She hit the wall at 9:30 and we put her down. The party dissipated soon after. Beetle is definitely the life of the party.

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  1. Sounds like a fun party – family, food, frivolity – what could be better! Your house looked nice; I like the plaid tablecloths and your trees showed up nicely in the background. I especially like the little white lights in the windows – glowing through the curtains in the dining room. Beetle’s little Santa outfit is cute – this is a much better view than what I saw during the performance. Those white fluffy shoes/slippers on her feet are adorable!

    With family so close, you get to spread Christmas over many days as you celebrate with everyone. Little Miss Beetle began opening gifts days ago and it will last into this week once the gifts from Kansas arrive. I think a kid would like the concept of “Christmas Week.” As a child I never remember opening a single gift outside of Christmas Day. My kids really do like it when they can open gifts a few days later. We have a different twist on opening gifts early. We have heard of some families who open ONE gift on Christmas Eve. I’ve never gone for that but we often have one last gift to open AFTER Christmas dinner. I think it’s fun to hold one for each person and watch as they enjoy one more gift to end the day.

    Ricky went into work last night. Wal-Mart closed at 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve and reopened at 6 a.m. today. The workers are off for about one day. However, the stockers had to go in last night – they did not go in on Christmas Eve; so even though they went in on Christmas, they had been off for a whole day. I was still sleeping when he arrived home so I didn’t get to hear how the night went. He was looking forward to working without any people there – and no “great shopping cart round-up” at 3 a.m. because all the carts came in Christmas Eve. For several days before Christmas he said people shopped ALL night…even little kids were in there. Often he would have to supplement at the checking stands because so many people were shopping. He said the people complained that the shelves were empty and wondered when they would be restocked. He *wanted* to scream, “If you would GO HOME I could stock the shelves rather than check!!”

    We enjoy seeing & hearing about your holiday happenings.

  2. Funny, it looks like Beetle has her favorite Christmas Eve toy in a few of the pictures, that film container 😉

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