Caching Terms

06-01-06 LCFT

This locationless cache is now archived.

Most of us have come to these scavenger hunts via our interests in caching. So, to recognize that, this hunt is for you to show us those businesses you have come across that have caching terms in their names.

Perhaps you’ll find The Ammo Box Motel, GPS Diner, Cache and Carry Foodmart, or UCR Store.

Des Palourdes Mortes or the dead clams
This acronym is used to describe a less than desirable cache; a cache that sucks

This wonderful expression originated in an interesting thread begun by my good friend KenDawg over at big green a few years back. Times have changed, but there still seems to be a need for the expression . . .

The Particulars
* A photograph of the business (name of business should be readable) that includes your GPSr
* Coordinates of the business being logged
* A definition of the caching term you are claiming
* Let’s not all run out to our local podiatrist. DPM is excluded from this scavenger hunt.

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