Happy Anniversary

This locationless cache is now archived.

A year ago today, AK listed the first scavenger hunt at TC.com.

In honor of that, this scavenger hunt is available for you to log on the anniversary of your first scavenger hunt listed here at TC.com. A list of terracachers and their first listed scavenger hunt can be found here. (I use lowest ID to determine ties.; this list is no longer available)

So, refer to the list, find your handle and the scavenger hunt you will need to complete. Complete the hunt on your anniversary and post a Found It! log right here.

Example . . .
In order for AK to log this, he would need to find an X because his first listed scavenger hunt is X Marks the Spot. old joe clark would have to find a stone chimney in the woods. Chance Encounter would log grave of a veteran of the War of 1812.

To make it challenging, the examples you used when you listed the scavenger hunt may not be used again.

So, AK will need to find something other than this familiar image (Link to image removed since I do not want to hot-link).

The chimney near Morganton, NC will not work for Mr. Clark. Chance Encounter will need to find a grave other than Jackson Fitzgerald’s.

Do not worry if your scavenger hunt has been archived. You can still log it right on this page. Just remember to do it on the anniversary of when it was listed at TC.com.

Thank you for listing these scavenger hunts. I have enjoyed many of them already and hope to enjoy the many more in the future.

Happy anniversary!

The Particulars
* If you have not listed a scavenger hunt yet, do not fret. Go ahead and do so. Next year on your anniversary come back and claim a find.
* Logs should reflect the spirit of your originally listed scavenger hunt. Photographs, coordinates, etc. should all be logged. I will be the final judge of all the logs and will evaluate the spirit of the requirements.
* The honor system is in play here. The idea is for you to have the same challenge you invited everyone else to have. Therefore, it is expected you will go out and do this for your anniversary and not use a stored waypoint and photograph.
* There are a couple of us who submitted multiple scavenger hunts on the first day. Good for you. The list is filtered to select the lowest ID# of those listed on your first day.
* Links to photographs should remain active.
* AK’s listing was created 16 January 2005, but it was not public until the following day when he made the announcement.

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