Catching Up

06-04-09 Catching Up

Going through some of the video, here are some photographs from the past month. It is late, but perhaps Mommy will add some commentary to these images.

They span Mommy’s birthday, swimming lessons, visiting with Grammy and Poppy, and dancing with the Wiggles.

Beetle never ceases to amaze us. She’s a joy to be with.

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6 thoughts on “Catching Up”

  1. Where’s the picture of Daddy-O wearing the birthday hat¿ Hats seem to abound in the Owens house…does the B o Beetle’s hat in the last picture stand for Bobby’s Girl? Batona? Beautiful?

  2. Beetle Loves to wear hats! That is, all except her Easter hat 🙁 The B stands for the Boston Red Sox. My side is trying to get her away from the Phillies. I don’t think that will happen though.

  3. Is she wearing her pretty purple dress (from an earlier birthday party) for Easter? It really is a beautiful one!

    Parker is in need of a new outfit. I’m not sure if he’ll get it in time for Easter…but by Confirmation on April 30th for sure. No hat, but new pants, shirt, and a tie are in order. He’s grown several inches this year – finally surpassing Lizzie, so his pants don’t fit. He’d like a suit but until he stops growing, I’m not investing that much $$. Ricky thinks it won’t be long before Parker is taller than he.

    I wore Parker down and he had his head of shaggy hair cut last night…he hates it but it looks MUCH better.

  4. Maybe Beetle knows that it’s not Easter yet and she’s waiting until Sunday to wear her new bonnet.

  5. Was the bonnet more accepted today…on Easter? What’s it look like? Flowers? Purple? Do tell!!

  6. It was pure white with a ribbon in the back. No one got to see it as Beetle has a massive aversion to this one hat.

    It almost fit Aunt Kim, so at least someone had it on for a moment.

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