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Just tidying up some loose ends and had these in my notes . . .

As I listened to David Pinto’s Baseball Musings podcast the other day as I completed a geogolf course, I was struck with three things he said.

He busted on Jimmy Rollins’ hit streak. He is the only person who I have heard that discounted the continuation of the streak from last season. His rationale? He always thought they were single season streaks? Based on what? Really? What is the justification for not adding to it?

Pinto did say he thought taking a five-month break was an asset. Yet, the ballplayers I have heard comment on it, including Rollins himself, stated that that was a hindrance. As far as I know, Pinto never played bigtime ball.

Much like us, Pinto thinks Opening Day should be a holiday. Good for him. Then he said he takes off each Opening Day. That is fine. But, what does he take off from? According to every post he made in March (and last March), all he does is blog baseball. That is the impetus for begging for money to support his blog. He makes it sound as though he does not go to work, but supports himself from the blog.

So, what does he take off from to celebrate Opening Day?

His surprise at Schilling’s recovery from ankle surgery seems to rely upon the knowledge of a friend of his who had similar surgery. His friend was told not to move side to side on the ankle, so Pinto doesn’t think Schilling should be able to.

Could it be that Schilling, as one of the top athletes in the game may be able to recuperate better than an average Joe? Could it be that Schilling or the Red Sox may have been able to afford better surgeons than the average Joe?

I guess I am trying to understand Pinto. I don’t really have anything against him and I do read what he writes. It just seems like he has no more of an understanding of the game than anyone else, yet, he is afforded the expert status in the blogosphere. He sounds like anyone else you might meet at a sports bar. How can you support a family on that?

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