Millville Walk

06-04-15 Millville Walk

Today was spectacular!

Being on vacation, we slept in. Or at least we tried to. Beetle had other thoughts, but she was in a great mood and that would continue throughout the day. We had breakfast and my sister-in-law came over. The plan was for her and Gert to take Beetle swimming and I would go out to explore. They left and I changed gears. It was gorgeous and I decided to play shutterbug today.

After a quick visit to the post office, I decided to join the swimmers. Then it was off to walk downtown Millville. This is something I have become quite fond of. Today I nixed the geogolf course and worked on my self-designed course that cachers will see soon enough.

Stunning. Just stunning.

I put in seven kilometers and had a blast. I went nowhere I haven’t been dozens of times previously. But it doesn’t matter. It was perfect out. Today was the first perfect spring day of the year. We have had some nice days, but nothing quite as nice as today.

Most of my walk circled the Maurice River. I just love this. Today was a Red Cross walkathon and I saw the gray shirts for a while. But the walkers tuckered out long before I did.

The rest of the day was spent with family. Beetle dyed her first eggs this evening and had a blast. She did so well as she didn’t go to bed until two hours past her bedtime. She is so sweet.

Enjoy the photographs.

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One thought on “Millville Walk”

  1. What really neat photos. My mission these days is to improve my photography skills and these are good inspiration.

    The only thing better than experiencing a georgous day like this is to share it with family! Nice job.

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