Roger Waters to Tour?

This just may get me out to see another concert.

Former PINK FLOYD frontman ROGER WATERS has rolled out five fall U.S. solo dates, starting with a September 9th gig in Mansfield, Massachusetts and wrapping October 5th in L.A. The large gap suggests a full-fledged North American run is in the works. Waters will reportedly perform the epic Floyd album, The Dark Side of the Moon, in its entirety for the second half of these shows. In addition, the pioneering rocker will tour internationally this summer.

This is the second musician I really like who has been in news the last week. Both have politics radically different than mine. I love the music and respect their lyrics.

Anyhow, if Roger tours, perhaps I will not make the mistake with seating I did last time. As I was getting back into the scene then, I had adopted the policy of keeping the throng behind me. If I could not sit in the first 10 rows, I did not attend. I misread the seating chart for that last show and had to deal with a lot of extraneous discussion during the best part of the show.

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