AG Farber Should Be Terminated Immediately

I read a blurb over at Corzine Watch today that highlighted that New Jersey Attorney General Zulima Farber was going to attend the rally in Newark today in support of illegal immigrants. I added a comment to the piece asking to see Farber’s documentation for leave since most government workers have to put in for personal time at least a week in advance.

Later, I read the linked article. It appears Farber is taking no personal time for this rally. Rather, she is “representing New Jersey” at the rally.

It’s important to show the immigrant community, their families and the immigration advocates that we stand ready in New Jersey to protect all of our residents

While I recognize that on an individual level, anyone can hold whatever position he wants regarding illegal immigrants, it is quite another thing to be the highest ranking law enforcement agent of a state and publicly support the breaking of a law. Ms. Farber, you do not get to choose from which laws to protect us. You have been hired to enforce all the laws.

When you attend a public rally like this and make the claim above, you have abdicated your responsibility to uphold the constitution of this state. Despite what some may feel (hat tip to Enlighten), it is illegal to enter this country without proper identification. Whether such immigrants add to the economy or not is not the question. Whether diversity is a good thing is not the question. Simply, that act is illegal.

Instead of attending the Newark rally in support of the illegal action, you should be attending with state police officers to apprehend the illegals.

Do your job and leave the politicking to someone else!

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2 thoughts on “AG Farber Should Be Terminated Immediately”

  1. We wrote a post on April 24 – Remove New Jersey Attorney General Zulima Farber From Office. The article Corzine Watch linked to was from April 23, so Farber may not have attended any of today’s protest. She did attend the Sunday April 23 rally.

  2. Mea Culpa

    I should have picked up on that date. Reading over your article (somehow I missed that one), it looks as though you and I are in complete agreement. Perhaps Farber did not attend yesterday. But she has been vocal about this issue.

    Is this official state policy? How come we have not heard Governor Corzine voice this opinion?

    If it is not official state policy, then Ms. Farber is out of line and needs to be terminated.

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