May Day

06-05-01 May Day

May has arrived and Beetle is excited. The illegal immigrant rallies did not affect her fun today.

Mommy usually calls Daddy at lunchtime. Today she informed him that Little Acres had called to report that Beetle had fallen and suffered a head injury. If you recall, on the last day of school last year Abby had fallen and we rushed to the doctor’s office. Today, we laughed it off. Apparently, she was in the gross motor room (gym for all us oldtimers) and fell off of something a banged her head. All reports indicated she was fine and just had a knot. That certainly appeared to be the case when we saw her and she acted as expected.

Beetle was in a grand mood when she got home. The weather has been great and after tearing up the house a bit, she and Mommy went outside to do women’s work weed the garden. When Daddy arrived home, Beetle wanted nothing but an escort to the the backyard to play in her house. As she played, she heard and then spotted all the boys next door jumping on the trampoline. We were told prior to purchasing our house that our insurance would be cancelled on the spot if it were discovered that we had a trampoline. Therefore, we never will. But oh how Beetle was interested. I lifted her onto my shoulders to better see what was happening. I think she wanted to join in.

After a bit we began working on dinner. With the advent of the nice weather, it was time to break open the grill for the season. Earlier, Mommy had marinated some chicken legs in a garlic herb marinade. Daddy fired up the grill and cooked them while Mommy prepared mashed potatoes, peas, and a salad.

Beetle displayed some newly learned talents. She can open the screen door by herself. She would prefer not to close it so she can have easy access to the inside and the outside. After shutting the door about 100 times, Mommy and Daddy finally closed the glass door. Beetle was not amused. Eventually, she settled down and played on the deck as Daddy grilled. Then she demonstrated another new talent: she descended the deck’s stairs to the yard. Our girl is very mobile these days. She headed right for the fence to see the trampoline. She looked through a knothole.

After a while, she came back to her playhouse. She likes it!

We sat down for dinner. Beetle is making the sign of the cross much better these days. Without any forcing, Beetle ate chicken. More and more, she is liking it. She ate tons of peas, shunned the potatoes for the most part, had a thing of yogurt (what meal does not include go-gurt for our angel?) and then she requested applesauce. We think she is in a growth spurt. Beetle certainly appears to be taller. And my how she motors around these days.

Yet, Beetle has been reluctant to walk from the car to her classroom the last week or so. Daddy doesn’t mind carrying his little girl, but for one who used to trot along happily, she desires to be held now. Yet, another phase . . .

Beetle has been playing with her baby doll and one of her cows a lot recently. The doll travels at great speeds in the doll stroller. Beetle happily pushes this contraption around wherever she goes. A dish towel serves as the blanket. Beetle has to have it just so. Up and down the towel goes until it looks as though the doll is a resident at the morgue. More and more the cow is receiving the same treatment. I keep sharing that when the cow dies he becomes hamburger, but Beetle hasn’t pieced that together yet.

Beetle is helpful. She has learned how to throw things away. Since Daddy doesn’t like anything to do with diapers, this has been a godsend. Mommy will not keep the diaper container in Beetle’s room because of the stench. So, after changing Precious, the rolled up smelly diaper ends up on the floor. Beetle then picks up the diaper and walks it to the container in the other room. She’s earning her keep. She also was trying to weed today. We figure that by five or six she’ll be mowing. Daddy is looking forward to that!

Beetle had a bath tonight. She has been a bit difficult of late taking a bath, but Mommy resolved that. She purchased Beetle an alphabet for the tub. That has kept Beetle from wanting to escape. Look for Beetle soon enough on ESPN for the spelling bee.

We like our little girl. She is fun to play with.

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11 thoughts on “May Day”

  1. What a fun spring evening with the family! Look! Walking down the steps without holding on…big girl!!

    Your grass does look good – nice and green. Do you have to move the playhouse frequently to keep the grass from dying under it? We have had lots of rain and the grass grew lots. Our push mower had a broken wheel so the area inside the fence hadn’t been mowed in quite some time. I bought a new wheel ($22) and Parker installed it then mowed in the fence. I mowed the rest (I had to finishe today). I love spring…it looks like Beetle does too.

  2. I have chicken out and waiting for the grill at dinner time. Your pictures make my mouth water and I’m ready for my own chicken-on-the grill. I guess I’ll have to do it myself since it doesn’t appear that you’re coming to KS to grill for me.

    Sure, your DC relatives will get to see you and your family but the KS contingent won’t! 😛

  3. I don’t know Patty, I think I might like to come for a visit. Let me talk to Bobby and see.

  4. Kewl!! We’d LOVE to have you…baseball games, fountains, historical places, caching, eating, fun-fun-fun!!

  5. It would go a long way if we knew this trip could happen. If we book flights and you are in OK, it would be disappointing.

    The Royals are home the week of the 19th.

    Has Mommy forgotten Beetle’s birthday party?

  6. I didn’t know a plane was involved. I thought this trip was a cross-country driving adventure – geocaching and seeing the sights (like the Arch in St. Louis). If you travel by car and we have moved (which is extremely doubtful at this point) you could just turn a little south and grab a few more caches and sights. Even if you fly, we would pick you up at the airport and auto the rest of the way to our home – be it in KS or OK.

    As for a birthday party…we would oblige. We love a party: hats, noise makers, cake – woo hoo! In KS we have a hot tub and in OK a pool. In either case, it could be a celebration ‘splash.’ We could have 2…one for Daddy & one for Miss Beetle. We won’t let the events go unnoticed!! Given that her day isn’t until the end of June, you might even be home by then or you could have her NJ celebration after the official date. I bet she wouldn’t mind. Gee, I’m full of soultions, aren’t I.

    The Royals game on June 20th is t-shirt Tuesday (free t-shirts for all) and they play P-burgh. The 21st is Buck night – hot dogs, Pepsis, and peanuts all $1. There is a day game on the 22nd. We don’t tend to go to the games Fri.-Sat. because we don’t get free tickets then – but we could. Friday begins a series with MIL and is Fireworks Friday & Saturday is free bobblehead day. Sunday is back to ‘free ticket day’ and ‘Salute to Negros league’ day with a replica ball cap.

    There are oodles of caches in the area and I love to show off all the fountains (my favorite way is with an archived cache…we can do all the preliminary stuff but the final, actual cache is in a construction area). There is a WWI memorial with a really tall structure which offers an awesome view of the city from the top. There are lots of things to see & do. We’d keep you busy.

    Consider coming. Grab some books on CD and make an adventure of the trek…hotel breakfasts, picnic lunches, and a quick cache in every state to break up the drive – I know, not Daddy-O’s way of caching but it’s a travel plan.

  7. Have you filled up your vehicle recently? Driving is not looking promising. Flying is sounding better. But before we get too ahead of ourselves, once a plane is booked, we are going. If you move on us, will you pick us up in KC and take us to OK and then back to KC?

  8. Miss Beetle, I hear you’re coming for a visit. Cousin Parker and I are VERY excited! Cousin Lizzie is sad because she can only be here one day when you are visiting but she’ll be at the Royals baseball game with us. She’s happy about that – she likes the Royals and she can’t wait to meet you in person. She’s only ever seen pictures of you and heard the stories your parents write for your web site. Uncle Jeff is taking a day off from work so he can be with you an extra day. He doesn’t take too many days off so this is really special.

    We’re planning lots of fun things to see & do…and EAT. What do you like to eat? Are you a ‘cereal person’ for breakfast or do you like heartier meals like eggs? Do you like fruit? I’m trying to plan some yummy things so I’d like some hints on what you prefer…and your mommy & daddy. I’d be sad if I prepared something you didn’t like.

    We can’t wait to see you again. It’s been almost a year since we saw your smiling face but it won’t be much longer.

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