No Leadership from Drumthwacket

If Governor Corzine were a leader, he would not be making a case in front of the NJ Supreme Court tomorrow pleading to be able to raise funds to Abbott districts a mere $140 million more than these 31 districts received this year. (When we speak of $140 million of taxpayers’ money as being insignificant, I think it is fair to state we have progressed beyond reason.)

No, a leader would decide that he was elected by the people of this state and that he, as the head of the executive branch of state government is responsible for producing a balanced budget that the people can afford. The legislature is charged with making the laws and for appropriating funds. The state supreme court’s role is to determine whether or not the laws the legislature passes are fair/Constitutional.

I have been unable to find out why governor after governor has kowtowed to the NJ Supreme Court on school funding decisions. Yes, the court ruled CEIFA was unconstitutional. That is a proper response from the judicial branch of government.

What is not proper is for Chief Justice Poritz and her crew to decide how many dollars are to be spent in one district. That is a task for elected officials.

A leader would challenge the Poritz Court first by not funding the DOE to the levels that the judges have suggested. Since New Jersey is in an economic disaster right now, cuts have to be across the board. That includes the largest slice of the state budget: education. Certainly the state would be challenged on this. That is when a leader appeals to a higher court making the correct claim that the New Jersey Supreme Court has overstepped its purview by legislating from the bench.

That is what a leader would do.

Instead, tomorrow the governor will grovel to spend only $140 million more on 31 of the 604 school districts in the state. How does that equate to hard choices? How is that cutting spending? How is that leadership?

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