Brick By Brick

06-05-02 SH00EA

39.31702 -75.00461 (disguised)

This shutterspot is now archived.

See if you can spot the birdhouse from here. It just seemed like an odd place for one.

I do not recommend visiting in the evening . . .

The secret code is the number on the building next door. The red arrow on the photograph below points to where to look.

Have you seen this in South Jersey?

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One thought on “Brick By Brick”

  1. I loved this spot. I used to spot (no pun intended) this as I walked along the new walking path. It intrigued me. I then began exploring that side of the river. There used to be a train depot over there. I found that among a lot of trash. I considered placing a cache in that area once, but thought better of it.

    Anyhow, I eventually gained the nerve to go through the fence; there was a huge hole in it with no signage.

    I have no idea what this once was, but it was kewl. Right along the river and a lot of old equipment.

    Unfortunately, the depot has since been torn down to make way for redevelopment. I think senior condos are going in. Getting here means crossing private property. Splendid!

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