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GeoPoker 5-01

The fifth game of global geopoker is being played today.

The first card was dealt at 14:00 UTC. It looked simple enough so I jumped in the truck and headed down to Laurel Lake. I cut up Doris thinking there was a cut over to the over the other “road”. There wasn’t. 🙁

I circled around a bit and decided to head in from the playground/baseball field. The baseball field must be abandoned as it is the height of the season and this field hasn’t been attended to this year at all. I wasn’t certain I was going to be able to get to the card. It sure looked like I was going to end up in the backyards of the houses along Doris. But after getting to the far end of the field, I found the “road”. It was hardpacked and traveled by ATVs. This looked like it was going to be perfect.

The hike was a little over a half kilometer. As I neared, the GPSr pointed to the woods. I looked down: Bean shoes and no socks. Sigh . . . but then there was a cut in and then a path! This was going to work out after all. The path snaked along just as the GPSr wanted it to. I stopped and left the electronics settle and found myself six meters away.

I love it when it works out well. The card was amid lots of laurel. “Fitting,” I thought.

Back home and logged it. I was surprised I was the first to log today. Hmmm . . . I hope I am not alone.

The next set of coordinates do not look good. They place me in Bevan but in what I believe is an inaccessible area right now. It is on the other side of Buckshutem Stream. Fond memories. But it is out past the bunkers and my understanding is that is now all cordoned off for security reasons. I will deal another card, but like plasstic, I am awaiting someone else to play a card.

First Update
Well, liveblogging isn’t happening because the one-hour limit is absent in this game which means things are moving way too quickly. We don’t think the time limit was supposed to be removed, so I am not certain as to what is going on. I will update when I can catch my breath.

GeoPoker 5-02

Jack of Diamonds
I re-dealt this card. The first one ended up in Buckshutem Swamp out past the WWII bunkers. Ken, Renee, and I had hidden a cache here some time ago, but it’s been archived for nearly two years now. My understanding is that the area is now off limits due to security issues and the bunkers. If there is an approach from the other side, I would still be out there. That would more than doubling the effort to get to this cache, which by the way, I hid, but Rob listed.

So, with the re-dealt card, I ended up with an easier card to play. I’m stupid for using Mapsend when I know it is severely off in this area. It looked like it was at the end of Debbie Lane in the woods. Rather than cross property lines, I walked to the school thinking I could approach by the ball field. On my way, I found a trail through the woods. As I walked, I realized the GPSr was going to put me on Debbie Lane after all. There was an access point without trespassing. The card played at a house a couple doors in.

GeoPoker 5-03

Queen of Hearts
I logged the previous card and got these coordinates. Hmmm . . . back to Debbie Lane. This was going to be easy. I still hadn’t recognized my issue using Mapsend. The card played at the house on the corner of Geissel and Val, however. That wasn’t far at all.

Back to the house I went and logged this.

Eight of Hearts
I re-drew this card once or twice. Things were moving very quickly at this point and I was trying to keep up. Eventually the card played along Fairton Road and I took off. I passed that area of woods I have contemplated exploring for four years now but have yet to do so. 🙁 Then it was to the Posted land. I knew the card was along here for I was now using Google Earth. I thought it was closer to the road than it was. Even so, at 69 meters, it was close enough.

The irrigation system on the farm across the way was partially in action. On my way back, I think I spotted an entry way to the NJ Fish, Game, and Wildlife land I want to explore.

After logging the card, I e-mailed Scout. It seemed to me this was a much faster game than the last one. I never get the time thing right so I depend on the system to tell me when I can play. It never stopped me so at first I thought there was the “bonus” move like Minute War, which I still don’t understand. But by this time, I had four cards and was nowhere near four hours in.

GeoPoker 5-04

Queen of Spades
Ah, yes! A pair. This card played on Hogbin off of Fairton. I rushed out and got to where I needed to next to the brick house. There is farmland right there which had been tilled, but nothing was growing yet. On the other side of the house is construction equipment to build what looks like another house very close to the first.

I came back to log this and Gert informed me she was going upstairs for a nap.

I finally decided I needed to change my footwear for the day.

King of Clubs
This card could have been walked to as it is at the entry of the airport. But Cedar is busy with no sidewalks and there has been roadwork here for the past month or two.

As I pulled in, I wasn’t certain I was going to be able to log this, but there is a patch of woods there and I got close enough from the road. I parked a little bit in front of the speed limit sign.

I banged a U-turn and headed home.

At this pace, the game was going to be over early. When I got home, I saw Mark had posted the time limit was off. I replied that I noticed it as well.

To get this card, I discarded the Jack of Diamonds.

Four of Clubs
I had to re-draw a couple times. One time was back at Buckshutem. Looking back, I should have done that. It is near that new cache of Lava‘s that obviously is accessible. But then it seemed like no one was playing. I waited and waited and finally someone played. That dealt me a card over on the other side of Cedar.

The card played outside 41 Cornwall. It really is in the backyard, so I swung around thinking the new development might get me closer. It didn’t, but they finally paved the connector road back there and built more houses I didn’t know about.

What I don’t know about is what happened to the house with the smokey-black lace curtains that we looked at. That was back here on a cul de sac. But there is no longer a cul de sac. What happened to the house?

When I arrived home, Scout had gotten involved and instituted the time limit. He apologized for the mix up. Since I had received more cards than everyone else, I think the limit favors me and said so. Scout indicated that perhaps a self-imposed stall might be in order. I am currently doing that. I will play this card at 4:00 EDT.

I discarded the King of Clubs. 🙁

Four of Clubs
I drove here on my way to pick up dinner. Gert ordered subs and it seemed like an opportune time to eat. She thought a card player should have a big sandwich. But because of that, I totally have forgotten the house number. D’oh! I think it was 515 Oak, but am not certain.

It was a white duplex. The card played at the westernmost part of the house on the porch where a girl was reading a book. She was pleasant and didn’t seem to mind me taking coordinates.

Sixteen minutes until I can log it.

GeoPoker 5-05

Jack of Hearts
I have a feeling this will be a good card. Why? Because the location was the finest of the day. Or second finest.

The card took me to my stomping grounds: Union Lake WMA. I thought it was going to be after the water, but it turned out to be before. I parked about 250 meters away and bushwhacked. The ticks are out in South Jersey!

Of course, as soon as I reached the area I found a nice path. It always happens this way. The GPSr took its time settling down. Eventually I got to 1 meter about 10 meters from the path. Just a bunch of pines and brush in the sandy soil. Welcome to South Jersey!

I discarded the Five of Clubs.

GeoPoker 5-06

Jack of Spades
Okay, they don’t get any easier than this one. I moved from my room to the main living room and was within range to log this one.

My neighbor with the nice lawn and the dogs is owner of this card. After scrubbing up Beetle from her dinner, she and I went for a walk as Gert assembled her car (Christmas present from her aunt and uncle . . . kind of like a Big Wheel for toddlers). We stopped and spoke with Larry who is re-doing his landscaping and then we proceeded to the dogs.

One of them was barking loudly. Beetle woofed woofed as we approached, but was shy and a bit scared when we were close. The card was by their back door.

I discarded the Queen of Spades. I think I am just playing for cards, although I am still high hand on the board.

Ace of Spades
Okay, playing my last card. There’s one heart left. Is it one of the seven I cannot see or one of the two left in the deck? Let’s find out.

This card played along Cedar pretty much where the King of Clubs had been. I ended up between Bradco and Hudson United Bank on the other side of the road where the strawberries are grown. I got to five meters. I didn’t want to go through the trees. I walked here knowing it would be cumbersome to park and get out. This is in the area I totaled my previous cache mobile.

I discarded the Jack of Spades.

Messy Eater

Twelfth Card
Beetle is now asleep. She had an eventful day.

Just in case everyone bailed, I went out and sought one last card. This played 72 meters at the driveway of 8 Megan Drive, which is the T with Amy.

It is a beautiful evening out and a perfect way to cap a splendid day playing geopoker. I walked here. It was about three-quarters of a kilometer away in a neighboring development. I’ve been in one of the homes here back when I lived in the apartment. It was an older retired couple’s house. He was showing me his Ham shack. That was another project that never quite materialized, huh?

Anyhow, by the time I had come back, the last two cards had played. BOB’s final card was the King of Hearts. Had I been dealt that one on the last card, I would have hit my flush and won. It was not meant to be.

I sought the flush from the get-go. If not, I could have had Kings and Queens, but they would have lost to Cameron’s bullets and Kings. I think going for flushes is a good move in this game. I drew 11 cards. The cards just weren’t with me.

Unlike real poker, winning matters less in this game. Getting out and playing is the fun for me. Yes, it is fun to win. I wouldn’t say otherwise. But the 11 cards increased my total number of cards and my overall percentage has increased, so losing wasn’t too bad.

More cards played within walking distance this game. I know in the last game I set initial coordinates for downtown before changing them mid-game. I guess the distances aren’t as great as I first expected them to be in this game.

FWIW, look for a physical geopoker game to begin tomorrow in South Jersey. The ammo box is ready. I just need to hide it.

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