The Frog Continues Double Standards

Where is the moderation when the name calling is directed at someone Mr. Irish disrepsects?

But as you’re the one that used the word “almost” you defintely realize there will always be CRybabies that will complain about the site or other peoples caches no matter what you change.
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The hypocrisy is unbelievable!

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2 thoughts on “The Frog Continues Double Standards”

  1. The hypocrisy at that website is not really unbelievable, when you look back into the history of its founding. Recently, and for several years, the site has refused to mention Dave Ulmer (the creator of geocaching) in its official history of geocaching. This came as a visible decision after a feud between Ulmer and Jeremy Irish; before the feud, Ulmer’s name was included.

    Over a year ago I authored a topic questioning the validity of the site’s written history. It was ignored and rapidly drifted into the back pages of the forum. Early this year I revived that same topic, asking why and when? The topic was quite controversial, and of course all the frogs defended Ulmer’s ommission from the document as an oversight.

    Eventually, my forum posting privileges were permantly suspended. I was wrongly accused of using a sock puppet to refresh my argument. I have never used a sock puppet in my life.

    At the first of this month, Groundspeak revised, completely rewrote the history, including Ulmer’s name as the creator of the game. Irish said publicly he meant to do it a long time ago but didn’t get around to it because of laziness.

    But, as a premium member, I am still banned, wrongly, for the alledged use of the sock puppet (who is actually my 32 year old daughter). So much for the family friendly website.

  2. I have followed your plight, sept1c_tank. You are just one in a long list who have fought the frog and lost.

    As you navigate this blog, you will read up on some other history.

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