Dynamo Hum

39.247283 -74.857667

It’s been a while since I was out on the hunt and decided that since I was heading to Belleplain for a dashpoint (GD59-DAAC), I might as well take another stab at this.

I printed the cache page (you see, I am returning to my roots ) and jumped in the truck and went. After the dashpoint, I took the familiar drive through Belleplain. I like this area, although I have had little success in taking coordinates here.

No one was around as I drove in and when I parked at Lake Nummy, I had the place to myself. From reading the cache page, it really sounded as though the cache was on the electrical box. I began inspecting it and as I looked beneath the far side, I saw something. It was a magnet. Hmmm . . . looking on the ground, I spotted the small green metal box. I took the cache back to the truck and logged my find. I was polite.

While I could easily rail against a placement like this, I am trying to turn a new leaf, as it were. I can be polite and thankful and keep my negativity to myself. So, I spoke of the beautiful day and did not speak about the insensitivity of placing a cache on the high voltage box.

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