I Wanna Easter Egg!

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Mother’s Day turned out to be much more pleasant than the weathermen had predicted. Gert wasn’t feeling great so we had a relaxing stay-at-home kind of day. When Beetle went down for her nap, Gert was soon to follow. I scooted out down to the Bluffs for this cache.

The hunt was fun. There were seven plastic Easter eggs hidden. Each was camouflaged. Cute. Inside each were the coordinates to the next stage.

I struggled on one. It turns out I inputted the coordinates incorrectly. I think it was about 15 or 20 minutes I scoured an area that was wrong. Interestingly, it was right on the trail (pretty much) so it was not obvious it was the wrong area.

I started the loop from the pull over I have seen but never parked at. This opened up part of the Bluffs I had never hiked before. The trails are in good shape and before I knew it, I was at the road in I am familiar with. It looks like they built a parking lot right where the ammo box for the first stage of the Maurice River Bluffs cache was.

After passing the ruins, the truck, the former cabin, and docks, it was back through the trail that was blazed recently. The locations selected for the eggs were for distance it seems, not location. I would have wanted to point out the railroad tie, the water, etc. But I suppose one has to pass most of this anyway, so it’s not a big deal. I had figured out the cache was going to be back near the beginning. The sixth egg brought me back near the beginning. The next coordinates were near the water in a fairly remote area with lots of good hiding places. Unfortunately, the cache was not hidden here. Rather, a seventh egg was found. I think this one leg too many. The cache would have worked better here.

Anyhow, the ammo box was placed 30 feet from the first egg at the beginning of the trail. It would seem to me that one might discover it while seeking the first egg. Given that C.C. Cachers found the ammo box without doing the hike indicates I am correct. I also think if all the coordinates were provided as Groundspeak requests, this would not have been approved. I may be wrong (Lord knows I probably am), but I believe this is why there is the .1 mile rule.

Anyhow, I liked the hike. I signed the log and stamped my entry. This is the first time I have done so in NJ.

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