SCC Is Not Ready for Money

Carnival of the NJ Bloggers
Carnival of the NJ Bloggers

The AP reported today that the embattled Schools Construction Corp. (SCC), the New Jersey agency that blew through $8.6 billion of taxpayer money without completing two-thirds of the work it was supposed to have completed, is not ready for more funds.

A report issued by a task force states the SCC is not managed well enough currently to receive funding. But it was also this same group that called for the dismantlement of the SCC last month.

If the task force recommended that, then why are they now saying that SCC is quite ready for more cash?

The view of Scott Weiner, the current head of SCC shows that Governor Corzine disregarded the task force’s recommendation:

The governor remains consistent in his views that no new funding should be authorized until the SCC has strengthened management. If everything continues along the current path, It will be there in very short order.

Why convene a task force if one is going to disregard the recommendation?

SCC squandered billions of taxpayer dollars. The view of the Corzine-appointed head shows that nothing has changed. Weiner expects more funds.

Taxpayers had no say last time around and were burned badly. Mr. Weiner is mistaken if he thinks that is going to happen again.

One last thing . . . if SCC has no money and there is no money coming immediately, what does the agency do? How is Mr. Weiner and his staff doing the state’s work right now? I assume he and the rest of the SCC are being paid. Dear reader, what are you receiving for the SCC’s services this week?

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